beast of burden

beast of burden
,beast of `burden noun count OLD-FASHIONED
an animal that is used for carrying heavy things, for example a DONKEY or a CAMEL
beat 2 [ bit ] noun count **
1. ) one of the regular sounds or movements of your heart:
a heart rate of 65 beats a minute
skip/miss a beat: Her heart seemed to miss a beat.
a ) the series of regular sounds or movements as your heart pumps blood around your body:
I could feel the beat of his heart.
2. ) usually singular the main pattern of sounds in a piece of music, or the strongest sounds in this pattern:
I'd like you to tap out the beat on the table.
music with a slow pulsating beat
a ) a single regular sound or a series of regular sounds, especially of two things hitting together:
the sound of a single drum beat
beat of: the beat of horses' hooves
b ) a unit of measurement for a piece of music. Each MEASURE has a particular number of beats:
A waltz has three beats in each measure.
3. ) usually singular an area that a police officer has responsibility for and must walk around regularly:
walk/pound/patrol the beat: The two officers used to walk the beat together.
on the beat (=walking around an area): We intend to increase the number of police on the beat.
beat 3 [ bit ] adjective SPOKEN
very tired:
I'm going to bed now I'm beat.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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